Welcome to Shortlist!

Your Shortlist Journey


We get to know you and the role, so we can find the type of candidates you’re looking for.

Source and screen

We’ll set up a dedicated application to screen all candidates using our assessments, and source candidates from major job boards and databases.

Meet the candidates

You review first candidates in the Talent Gallery, decide who to interview, and provide us feedback.

Second round interviews

You then review subsequent batches of candidates over the course of a month, interviewing as many as you like.

Share feedback

Let us know how the interviews go and who you hire, so we can close out with the remaining finalist candidates.

Let’s grow your team!

Start another new role with Shortlist whenever you’re ready!

How to make your hiring project a success?

  • Move quickly – the best candidates won’t stay on the market for long, so make sure you’re interviewing candidates early and often.
  • Give us feedback – the more feedback you give us, the better we can hone in on what you’re looking for.
  • Never hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, etc. – we’re here to support you throughout the process.

Talent gallery features


Your home is an overview of every job you have running with Shortlist, along with key stats on each job and helpful links and tips about the Shortlist process at the bottom.

Have only one job live with us? You’ll go straight to your job dashboard.

Job dashboard

Your dashboard for each job shows you exactly what you need to do next to keep the process moving. Here you get a sense of how many candidates are in each stage. You can easily share the Job Description from here if you want more candidates in your funnel!

Candidate list

See all your candidates and sort by scores, location, background, and more to prioritize who to review first.

Bulk actions

We’ve made it easy for you to copy all e-mail addresses of selected candidates so you can quickly reach out to your favorite ones. More bulk actions coming soon!

Candidate review

Review responses to application questions, get a deeper understanding of each candidate’s experiences, access the CVs, read Shortlist’s summarized profiles, and evaluate how the candidate performed on the assessments relative to everyone else.

Remember your favorites by starring them. Take action to move the candidate forward in the process or decline them. You can also share the direct candidate link with your colleagues so they can weigh in.

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